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Fit Yummy Mummy Review: Post Pregnancy Weight Belly Exercise

Fit Yummy Mummy ReviewFit Yummy Mummy Secrets System is a lifestyle program that has been created to help new mothers get their pre-baby figure back by achieving weight loss after pregnancy. The weeks and months following child birth could be a very exasperating time for new mothers as they struggle with the new responsibility of maternity as well as trying to recover their figure and fitness.

Anyone who has had a baby knows that getting rid of those baby pounds is no picnic. Holly Rigsby developed Fit Yummy Mummy to address the unique challenges that present themselves for new moms trying to shed the baby weight. Plus, the information provided is reliable because Holly is both a mother and a CPT.

The core of the Fit Yummy Mummy Book is exercise. However, this program addresses an element that most programs neglect for moms, and that is time. Moms have limited time and the workouts program only requires a total of 90 minutes of exercise each week. This is because the exercises are done in 15 minute intervals and can easily be completed while your children are napping.

Despite the fact that Fit Yummy Mummy is a fitness based program, it has an excellent diet attached as well. The program has an excellent meal planning tool you can use to plan your shopping. It also teaches you about fat burning foods, and it teaches you how to feed your family balanced healthy meals. It really is a comprehensive program with tons of useful information.

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Fit Yummy Mummy Program has some distinct advantages:

  • You have a choice of working out at home or in a gym.
  • Targets particular spots that women have problems with after childbirth.
  • It comprises of four different meal plans that you can rotate.
  • All three workout levels, i.e. basic, intermediate and advanced, have exercises that are easy even for someone who is new to fitness exercises.
  • The premium version of the program includes an audio component that has interviews with the author and provides answers to any questions that you may have.
  • Includes a video of the author performing exercises, which is a useful aid in case you find certain exercises difficult to perform.

Fit Yummy Mummy Diet Workout Plan System is presented in a talkative while tutorial style and it feels like listening to a close friend who also actually is an expert in fitness. It doesn’t follow any trends and is full of common sense easy to understand information. Nothing here is going to be too difficult for you. You are not going to be expected to do any challenging exercise routines or extreme zero-carb diets.

The program incorporates a getting started section which covers goal setting and gives you some morale boosting tips on how to remain targeted so that you can complete the program. Then it’s straight down to business with the 1st lessons.

Fit Yummy Mummy ClubToo many dieting plans tell you to eat less rather than letting you know what to eat. The program tells you exactly the foodstuffs you should be eating with the Supportive Nourishment plan. This covers every aspect of nourishment regarding what to eat and how frequently to eat. This plan is accompanied by the “Create a Menu Planner” that helps you plan your every meal.

Next up are the first weight loss exercise programs. These are explained very rigorously and are easy to follow. There’s a great selection of exercises that’ve been developed for varying fitness levels so regardless of how fit you currently feel there’ll be an exercise session designed specially for you. Best of all is that you don’t need to spend more than 90 minutes per week following the workout programs.

The final chapter is the Busy Mom’s Fat Loss Companion which is a selection of tools and resources such as a goal setting sheet, fitness journal, exercise outlines and even a pre-prepared shopping list with all your groceries. Whatever excuse you come up with or obstacle that land in your way, Holly Rigsby has covered them all.

One of the best parts of the program is the follow up email coaching series that you will receive regularly with daily fitness tips and even more healthy recipes. It can be difficult for moms to keep to a regular fitness program but receiving these emails in your inbox is a great reminder that can help to keep you on track.

That concludes this Fit Yummy Mummy review and can I highly recommend it as I feel that Holly Rigsby has done a great job in presenting this information in a way that is fun and easy to follow.

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