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Fat Loss Workouts: Weight Training Routines

Having a great workout is absolutely essential for successful fat loss.

A great exercise routine can add muscle mass, raise your metabolism, burn lots of calories, make your heart healthier, etc.

Unfortunately, when most people think about a program, they automatically think that these are the best things to do:

-Cardio, cardio, and more cardio

-Lots of ab exercises

-Strength training machines AFTER doing a long period of time on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical

Does this sound like the way you think a proper exercise program should be?

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Turbulence TrainingFat Loss WorkoutWeight Training Program is a new aged fat-loss solution that has commanded the attention of consumers all over the world. Despite the alarming push of fad diets, gimmick oriented weight-loss programs, and other poor attempts to provide health and fitness programs on the internet, the Turbulence Training Workout System has surpassed them all creating a loyal brand name in the market- no bs tricks, no miracle weight loss formulas or diet supplements, just proven workouts that have been researched and formulated to get you results. This review on Turbulence Training’s program will provide you with the information you need about not only the fitness plan and losing belly fat, but the author as well and hopefully assist you in choosing if this program is for you.

Joel Marion is an acclaimed and well known fitness trainer and nutrition expert whose program, over the last few years, have been read and used by tens of thousands of people all over the world. In this article I’ll help you see whether Joel Marion’s approach to weight loss is right for you or whether you should avoid it because it will likely not work. His most famous program is called Cheat Your Way Thin and it uses the principle of “Cheating” to achieve a faster, easier, and more long term weight loss. Cheat DietWeight Loss Diet PlanCheat Your Way Thin This is something that Joel Marion advocates and it’s impossible to review his work and the Cheat Your Way Thin program without delving deeper into how “cheating” really works and why it works.

If so, it is almost guaranteed that your weight loss efforts have been slow and frustrating.

1. The Warmup

A warmup is key. Doing 5-10 mins on a cardio machine at a moderate intensity should do just fine.

2. Circuit Training

A good workout will include strength training in a circuit style format. You will want to do a lot of multijoint exercises combined with working your core. Because this workout is circuit training, you will go from one exercise to the other without much rest in between.

This will keep you moving and will keep your heart rate up for the duration.

Here is a sample routine:

1. Pushups

2. Bodyweight squats

3. DB 1 arm row

4. Hamstring leg curls on a stability ball

5. Ab crunches on a stability ball

6. Overhead DB presses

7. Med ball squat, curl and press

If you do 10-15 reps of each exercise and rest for about 30 seconds in between, this fat loss workout will have your whole body working hard.

Building muscle the the key to a successful fat loss workout. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn!

3. Interval Training

This is a type of cardio that alternates between high and low intensities. A great place to start is on a recumbent bike, but a treadmill or elliptical can work too. You can start off by going 2 minutes slow, then 1 minute fast. Repeat this 2-1 structure 3-6 times.

Interval training is a great addition to a fat loss workout because the high intensity aspect of it will help to raise your metabolism and burn lots of calories for the period of time after your workout is over!

Remember that your safety is the most important part. Check with a medical doctor before performing high intensity exercise.

4. Cool down

It is great to cool down for 5-10 minutes after a fat loss workout. A proper cool down is the same as a warmup (5-10 mins on a cardio machine). This helps your body to have an easier transition between hard exercise and rest.

In conclusion, you have learned what the structure of an effective workout looks like. If you do the above format 2-3 times per week and combine it with a great diet, you will be losing fat in no time!


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